Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Who Needs Party Favors?

When your children are small their birthdays revolve around whether or not to have a party, what kind of party to have, what kind of cake, and oh, yes, let’s not forget the waste-of-space party favors everyone thinks they have to have.

As they grow into their tweens and teens, you spend their birthday doing something special for/with them, letting them pick out their gift, and NOT worrying about party favors. You also spend this day scratching your head and wondering where the time went.

When your children are grown and have families of their own, you spend their birthday like you do any other day, but include time to talk on the phone or SKYPE to wish your ‘baby’ a happy birthday and asked if they received the card and gift you mailed because the postal system isn’t what it used to be. But you also spend the day asking yourself, “Am I really old enough to have a child that age?” And you wonder not only where the time went, but if you used it wisely. I know these things to be true because I do it every year—four times. And this Saturday I’ll be doing it again when Olivia Corrine turns twenty-seven.

As I think back to the day that little 6 pound bundle of energy and spunk burst onto the scene that is my life, I can only say WOW. And since that day she has continued to “wow” me over and over again—most of the time in amazing and wonderful ways. But you can be sure that no matter what she does, Olivia has the ability to “wow” my heart.

So at the risk of sounding like your mom or grandma, (even though I am a mom and a grandma) please listen and take this message to heart:

Your child’s birthday isn’t about fancy cakes, parties that leave other parents wondering how they can top that for their child or parties that are more for you than your child, expensive gifts, or even those darned ole party favors. Your child’s birthday is a celebration of their life. And the best way to celebrate that life is to be an intricate part of it each and every day and to make their birthday special by reminding them of your unconditional love. A gift or two won’t hurt, either :), but even a child recognizes that your unconditional love is worth more than all the gifts in the world.

Happy Birthday, Olivia!


Momma D
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