Thursday, March 26, 2015

Who Needs A Disney Princess When I Have You?

The other day my daughter Olivia called to share a special mom-moment with me. Reuben woke up singing “The Itsy, Bitsy Spider” and she just stood outside his bedroom door listening with joy in her heart and being thankful she was able to enjoy and experience these moments in her son’s life.
Within the last two weeks I’ve also:
·         Skyped with my daughter, Emma, to share her excitement over Essie pulling up to stand on her own two feet…by herself

·         Shared my oldest daughter Elizabeth’s concern for Laney’s rash and her awe in the fact that this little girl can hold her pet rabbit in her arms and swing with him in her swing (and yes, Boots is a real rabbit)

·         Been able to spend time with my daughter in-law, Becca; laughing over the antics of Mack and Macy and watching her be the loving, patient, yet firm mom that she is
None of the events the girls shared with me are going to change the world, make the headlines, or make the kids (and their parents) rich and famous. But that’s okay, because while The Little Mermaid and Belle have taken a back seat to Anna and Elsa, I know without a doubt that Reuben, Essie, Laney, Mackenzie, and Macy will never be pushed aside for someone with more sparkles, different songs, or a snowman that doesn’t melt.

As parents, my girls understand that it’s the little things that make their little ones unique, precious, and irreplaceable. They understand that being a mom is about taking the time to notice and enjoy the little things; tucking them away in their hearts for someday when (all too quickly) the kids are grown and they (my girls) are where I’m at now.

How about you? Are you taking the time to really enjoy your children? Are you giving them the time and opportunity to experience life the way a kid should?
Don’t be too busy to miss out on the simple, yet special things that happen in your child’s life—the things that steal your heart and make it sing like a Disney Princess.

Momma D

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