Thursday, January 8, 2015

Chiggers and Blackberries, Crossing the Finish Line, Saying Goodbye and So Much More

“Parenting is about so much more than diapers, Band-Aids, homework and curfews. Parenting is being there; listening, talking, forgiving, asking forgiveness and most of all, loving. I know this to be true because Momma D says it is.”
These are the words directly under the title of this blog. These are my words. These are words I believe with all my heart. I also believe that in order to be this kind of parent you have to experience life with your kids-the good, the bad, the funny, the sad, the beautiful and the ugly…all of it.

Camping, putting up hay, mission’s trips, swimming, working in the greenhouse, crossing the finish line—these are some of the good experiences of life I’ve lived with my children.

Being covered in chiggers after picking blackberries, arguing and fighting over things that really don’t matter, having to let them make their own mistakes—these are some of the bad experiences of life I’ve lived with my children.
Scaling rock cuts in sandals and nice clothes to catch runaway livestock, ‘saving’ one of my kids from the beady-eyed stare of a vulture, countless games of hide-n-seek and program practices at church, farmer’s markets and spending time at the fair—these are just a few of the fun and humorous experiences I’ve lived with my children.

Saying goodbye to Granny, leaving the friends, home and pets we loved, burying beloved pets, hurting each other’s feelings—these are some of the sad experiences of life I’ve lived with my children.
Giving birth to each of my children, watching my daughter as she helped care for Granny without complaining, sharing in each of my children’s wedding day, being there to welcome each grandchild into our family’s world, helping each child grow to be the person they are, watching each child take their own steps to become who they are—these are the some of the beautiful experiences of life I’ve lived with my children.

Making mistakes, missed opportunities, unspoken words, being too busy…these are some of the ugly experiences of life I’ve lived with my children.
Remember…parenting is listening, talking, forgiving, asking forgiveness, being present, knowing when to act and when not to and most of all, LOVING. So…unless you experience the good, bad, happy, sad, beautiful and ugly of life with children, you cannot truly know who your children are and cannot be a parent who knows what it is to parent from the heart.

Momma D