Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Help Wanted...Help Needed

I cannot tell you how thankful I am for the fact that I had my Granny by my side (literally and figuratively) as I experienced each stage of motherhood and even as I entered grandmother-hood. She was there to encourage, warn, share her experiences, be a living, breathing example and to invest herself in my experience and in the lives of my children. There were times when I thought she worried a bit too much-like every Sunday when the temperature was below 50 and she would check to see if my girls had on undershirts (they usually didn't). But those times paled in comparison to the countless times she made herself available to me physically and emotionally; like the times she... Cared for my family when I was on bed rest for pregnancy complications Read to the kids, sang with the kids and patiently fed my picky eaters Rushed right out when Elizabeth's hens laid their first eggs because Elizabeth wanted Granny to have all 2 of them Was a haven for Zach during cross country practice; providing a cold drink of water Came to all the kids' school and church programs Was a willing participant in games like beauty shop Patiently allowed two year-old Zach to make icing flowers for my sister's wedding cake (they were on there) And on and on the list could go. So why am I sharing these moments with you? Glad you asked. I share these memories in order that I might convey to you the importance of joining together with our fellow moms for the purpose of 'show and tell', encouragement and support. If you are a mom and/or grandma, be there for the young moms in your family, church family and even possibly your neighborhood. Let them know what they are doing right, that you are there when they need a shoulder to cry on, an ear to bend or a helping hand. Young moms need this. They crave it, but are sometimes afraid to ask (for fear of being thought a failure)or don't know how to ask. If you are a young mom living the life of snotty noses, snuggles and hugs, flour paste maps, lost gloves and trips to the ER, pick a mentor or two to help you along your way. Ask one or two women you admire if you can get their advice from time to time, ask them to reassure you that you aren't losing your mind, or if they could possibly come to your rescue from time to time. While I believe with all my heart that there is no replacement for mom and dad, both you and your children can benefit greatly from having the love and wisdom of an older more experienced mom in your lives. I know I wouldn't be the woman I am today if it weren't for my Granny and my children's lives wouldn't be as rich in love and memories if she had not been such an important part of their lives. Love, Momma D