Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Look at All That Christmas

All That Christmas

When my granddaughter, Mackenzie, was about 17 months old, we were waiting in the drive-thru line at the bank. Sitting in her car seat, Mackenzie spied the window of a gift/interior decorating shop across the street from where we were. The window was filled with Christmas decor; an elegantly decorated tree, Santa, wreathes...you name it, it was there. There was even a mock fireplace with stockings all hung with care. 

Mackenzie, who had been chattering away (as usual) stopped in mid-sentence, took a deep breath and said in a voice filled with awe and wonder..."Nanna, just look at that. Just look at all that Christmas."

I will  never forget the softness and sweetness of those words and the look on her sweet little face. She was totally captivated. I'm get all teary-eyed just thinking about it.

I'm sure a lot of you have memories of moments like that, as well. But I want to remind you that Christmas isn't the only time we parents (and grandparents) should be filling our children's lives with beauty and a sense of wonder.  

As parents, it should be our heart's desire to fill our children's lives with awe and wonder every single day. We should strive daily to keep their lives wise but innocent. Don't allow their childhood to become tainted with fears, anger, emotional pain and heartache. A child shouldn't have to worry about what is waiting for them at home or whether or not you have their back at school. They shouldn't have to worry about bullies and taunting at home or anywhere else. They need to know that they are loved and protected; treated with as more TLC than any glass bulb hung on a Christmas tree ever would be. 

Momma D