Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Choclate Milk and Playdough Really Do Have Something in Common...No, Really

A few days ago while Emma and Essie were here visiting, Emma asked Essie whether she wanted chocolate milk or water to drink with her breakfast. Essie’s answer was “Choca-choca” (you can guess what that is). But immediately after that she said, “Bye-bye playdough.”
What? What do chocolate milk and playdough have to do with each other? The answer: Absolutely nothing except that the bucket of playdough and shape cutters was sitting on top of the refrigerator. And as we all know the refrigerator is home to the chocolate milk. So yah, the two actually do go together in a random, 2 year-old kind of way.
But let’s face it, it makes you wonder just how much of what you say your kids actually take in. And I bet you’ve had moments when you think you’ve messed up what would have otherwise been a completely normal and wonderful person. Am I right? Of course I am! You’re a parent and unfortunately those things come with the job.
Thankfully, though, more times than not your doubts and concerns are unfounded, your kids are no worse for the wear, and they will turn out just fine. Trust me, I know because I asked my own four what they had heard (literally and figuratively) from me growing up and I was more than pleased with the answers I received. So…
For the next few weeks I’m going to share their answers with you as an encouragement to not give up…to not quit making the most valuable and important investment you will ever make. The investment of yourself into the lives of your children.
That’s all for today—nothing really profound—just a reminder to not give up. Oh, and a suggestion that you spend some time between now and next week thinking about:
·         What messages and life-lessons you want to give your children
·         Whether or not your delivery method is effective
·         How you would respond if you were on their end of things
·         What you can do to make the message clearer and more authentic

Momma D

P.S. Their answers were also very similar, so if nothing else, I at least get an A for consistency.
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