Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Big Green Bumps of Spring

I love this time of year. I love moving the plants that have been inside all winter back outside into the sunshine. I love putting seeds in the dirt and watching tiny green leaves and stems pop through the soil and slowly transform themselves into flowers to enjoy and vegetables for our table.

I especially love finding the big green ‘bumps’ on my iris that tell me it won’t be long before I’ll get to enjoy their frilly, colorful blooms. The reason I am especially fond of the iris is because they bring back so many wonderful memories of time spent with Granny in her beautiful yard filled with flowers of all kinds—including a huge iris bed filled with every color imaginable.
Granny took great pride in her flowers and the fact that she had ten very green fingers vs. two green thumbs gave her plenty of reason to. She also took the time to talk to me about the flowers; telling me their names, how to care for them, why she liked them, and all sorts of other things.
You’re probably thinking I was a grownup when all of this took place, but think again. My flower lessons started when I was about seven. I remember listening to Granny go on and on about the flowers and I actually remember some of what she said back then, although I’m sure most of my ‘flower knowledge’ is the result of her telling me the same things years later.
But there are plenty of things about those lessons that are forever ingrained in my heart and in my mind—the most important being the way she talked about her flowers. Everything she said was said from the heart and was said with gratitude to God for making so many beautiful things for us to enjoy. Even a kid like me couldn’t miss the excitement and passion in her voice, and the fact that Granny cared so much made me want to care, too.
So what’s the point? The point is you need to take the time to create opportunities to share yourself with your kids and grandkids. Share your passions, your interests, your knowledge about the things that excite you; letting them know what makes you, you.
In doing so you:
*Open the doors of opportunity to pass on your love for (fill in the blank) to your kids and grandkids and for adding to the dynamics and depth of your relationship by finding a way to spend quality time together doing something meaningful together.
*Allow your kids and grandkids to see you as a person with thoughts, feelings, and talents—not just someone to tell them to make their bed, take out the trash, or someone to go to when they need new shoes or a ride to basketball practice.
*Make memories your kids and grandkids will share with their kids and grandkids someday (and possibly with readers of their blog, too).
Happy spring!

Momma D
                              Copyright 2016 Darla Noble. No part of this can be used or copied without permission from the author.