Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Lion King, You're Not The Only One Who Knows About The Circle Of Life

Last weekend John and I traveled a little over a hundred miles to watch five year-old Macy and seven year-old Mackenzie play their first soccer games. And if I could only use one word to describe it, that word would be utterdelight. Okay, so that’s really two words, but since I’m writing this….

Everything about the day was delightful. It was delightful to see the girls so excited to be playing. It was delightful to see both girls play really well—especially for their first time ever to play soccer. It was delightful to be there to cheer them on and see their little faces light up when they heard “Way to go Mack!” “Way to kick that ball, Macy!” “Good job turning that ball around, Mack!” and “Way to score, Macy!”

But the thing that brought the most delight to Momma D’s heart was hearing the same words of encouragement plus “Stay with the ball, stay with the ball…” “You’ve got it!” and “Good throw, Mack!” coming from Mack and Macy's daddy, who used to be an excellent soccer player and who also just happens to be my son—one of the four greatest accomplishments of my life.

Listening to Zach and John cheering and ‘coaching’ from the sidelines while standing side by side took me back a few years to when John and I were cheering and jumping up and down with excitement for Zach. My first thought was, “Wow! Where did the years go?” My second thought was that every single minute spent driving to and from practices and games, every dime spent on soccer gear, league fees, and gas and every minute spent standing or sitting on the sidelines watching and cheering was ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY UNDOUBTEDLY WORTH IT! I don’t regret it a bit—not even taking my four DAY old baby Emma Dale to the soccer park to watch her brother play.
The support and love shown to Zach, the life skills, friendships, and memories we all made are reasons enough to feel that way, but last Saturday I discovered the real reason we did it for all those years.

The real reason we did the whole soccer thing was so that Zach would know how to give his girls what they need in the way of emotional and physical support and encouragement for to do the activities they choose to do. In giving to Zach what he needed and wanted all those years ago, he knows how important it is to do the same for Mack and Macy.  He also gets to experience things from my and John’s perspective all those years ago, which is pretty special, too.

So to all you young parents out there—don’t complain about being at your kids’ events, show up begrudgingly, or even worse, not show up at all. Your ‘endorsement’ and support means the world to them—just like your parents’ ‘endorsement’ and support meant the world to you.

It’s the circle of life.


Momma D
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