Wednesday, January 27, 2016

His Eyes, My Hair, Her Nose and His Elbows

One warm, summer Sunday, when I was ten or eleven, several people were visiting on the front lawn of the church after the service. I was playing with some of my friends when Helen, a middle-aged woman in our church stopped me and said, “Darla, if you want to know what you’re going to look like when you get older, just look at your granny because you are the spitting image of her.”

“Yikes!” I thought. I loved my granny more than words can say, but when you’re ten or eleven years old, hearing you’re going to have wrinkly skin and graying hair is NOT exactly good news.

I don’t remember what I said. I don’t think I said anything, but I’m sure the look on my face combined with my lack of a response was enough. But then again, knowing Helen, she probably didn’t realize I’d taken her words as anything other than the compliment I now know them to be.

Fast forward a few years…

Friends and family all have different opinions about which of our four kids look alike and who they look like. Some think Zach and Elizabeth look alike, while others think Emma and Zach look alike. Some say Elizabeth and Olivia favor John’s side of the family, but others disagree; saying they favor my side.

Fast forward a few more years…okay, several more years…

“She’s a little mini-Darla” or “She looks just like you,” are comments I often hear about Mack and me.

“It’s amazing to me how Mack looks like you,” John said to me, “and Macy looks just like Teri.” (her other grandma) And she sure does! J

“Elizabeth has been cloned!” is something I’ve heard from more people than I can count when they see pictures of Elizabeth’s daughter, Laney Beth.

“I think Laney looks like John,” other say. But then that makes sense to me because I think Elizabeth looks like her daddy.

Essie, on the other hand, is a perfect combination of both Emma and Dwight in looks and personality.

And finally, one evening at the dinner table, John smiled and said, “It finally happened. I’m married to Wanda, Jr.” (Granny) Turns out Helen was right. I do look just like her—gray hair and all! J

The point I want to make is this: We are all a reflection of those who have made us. Our eyes, hair, nose structure, the sound of our voice, even allergies are traits we pass on to our children and grandchildren. We don’t have any control over who gets what—it just happens.

But even more important than that are the qualities we can control—the qualities of faith, compassion, honesty, hope, forgiveness, and love. THESE are what really matter and what we need to make sure we pass on to our children and the things we see reflected back to us as we watch our children and grandchildren grow.

Momma D
                        Copyright 2016 Darla Noble. No part of this can be used or copied without permission from the author.