Thursday, December 31, 2015

10:52...The Minute That Changed My Life Forever

I remember every little detail about the days and hours leading up to 10:52; the minute that changed my life forever. How could I not, because that was the minute I became a mom for the first time. At 10:52 AM on 12-31-82, John Zachery Noble was born!

From that moment on everything John and I did for the next eighteen years we did because of, or for Zach (and beyond that for his sisters). Even now that he and his sisters are married and have families of their own, many of the decisions we make and things we do are made and done only after taking them into consideration. Why? Because at 10:52 my life…our lives were forever changed.
I wasn’t ‘just’ Darla anymore. John wasn’t ‘just’ John anymore. We weren’t even ‘just’ John and Darla anymore. We were John and Darla—Zach’s mom and dad. His very life and well-being was in our hands.

Being a parent isn’t something you do—or at least it shouldn’t be. From the minute your first child comes into this world, you ARE a parent. Your number one priority and goal as a parent should be to love unconditionally with that “just because” kind of love. In doing so you will nurture and encourage your child to be their very best self; a ‘self’ of faith, honor, integrity, compassion, and a ‘self’ that possesses a strong sense of self-worth, humility, and a desire to work hard for what they have.

When you are this parent, you can’t lose. Your kids can’t lose. Society can’t lose.

I started out by telling you I remember every little detail about the day 10:52 changed my life forever—and it’s true. I remember the tears of joy running down John’s face while he repeatedly said “Thank you for giving me a son”.  I remember holding Zach and thanking God for making him so perfectly wonderful. I remember hoping he would always know how much I love him. I remember hoping we would raise him to know and love the LORD. I remember how excited I was to show him off to the world. I remember hoping I would be the mom he deserved. I even remember wondering if I would ever sit down like a normal person again. J  Why did I have those thoughts? Because that was who I had become in that moment and who I will forever be. Mom.

But I also remember what didn’t happen. There were no thoughts or worries about whether or not our house was big enough, if he would have enough toys, or if he would be popular or be the star of the school football or soccer team. I didn’t have one thought as to whether he would be good enough, cute enough, or smart enough for me to want to always be his mom. Why? Because that’s not what parents who ARE parents do. So ask yourself this: Are you doing parenting or ARE you a parent?

Happy birthday, Zach, and happy New Year, everyone!

Momma D

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