Friday, June 19, 2015

Momma D Done Raised These Kids Right

For those of you who regularly follow Momma D, you probably noticed the lapse in posts over the last few weeks. I’ve not lazy and I’ve definitely not grown tired of sharing with you the why’s and how’s of getting to the heart of parenting from the heart. No, the reason I’ve been somewhat silent is because I’ve been in the hospital facing a rather serious illness. I am happy to say, however, that I am home now and recovering slowly but surely.

During my three week stay in “Club No Sleep and Constant Needles” I experienced a barrage of procedures, medications, and tests, but I also experienced something priceless. I experienced the living, breathing rewards for my years of being the best mom I knew how to be.

Elizabeth and Zach slept by my bedside. Elizabeth, being a nurse, was able to provide extra care in the hospital that I wouldn’t have gotten otherwise. Olivia traveled day after day to spend time with me and brighten my days before she and her family moved to Texas. Emma (and Essie) have unselfishly come to stay with me for over a week now that I am home, to help me recover while John helps Olivia, Matthew and Reuben move. She willingly learned how to give me my infusions, and is keeping the house running smoothly.

My children in-law (who I love as if they were my own) have been equally supportive. Becca gave up precious time off from work to bring Mack and Macy to spend time with me; time as good as any medicine. Craig and Matthew willingly took care of Laney and Reuben so that the girls could be with me and Craig didn’t even complain about driving through rush-hour traffic to bring me something to eat that I would actually…eat. Dwight willingly agreed to share Emma and Essie in spite of the fact that they are still in the midst of unpacking and settling into a new house.

Yes, I am blessed, but it isn’t by accident or out of a sense of duty. It is because Momma D Done raised these kids right.

My children have been, and continue to be here for me because of the example John and I have set for them and because of the unconditional love we have poured into them. You see, for all the things the kids have done over the past few weeks, John has done many, many times over. They see that and they know it is done out of love. They know that no matter what, we will always love them and believe in them. So in reality, their TLC is really nothing more than spillover from what was (and still is) given to them.  And I couldn’t be prouder, because it reassures my heart and mind that Momma D done raised these kids right (with a lot of help from John, too, of course). So keep on loving your children unconditionally and never fail to let them know they are precious and valuable simply because they exist. 

Momma D

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