Thursday, May 7, 2015

Don't Worry, Your Kids Aren't Nearly As Breakable As You Think They Are

In honor of Mother’s Day, I thought I would share with you some of the most important lessons I have learned in the 32 years I’ve been a mom.
No matter how many children you have, you love each one with your entire being.

No two children are alike, and that’s just fine.
Your older children will torment the baby of the family when left in charge of her.

Pretending wadded-up pieces of tissue are popcorn is not a life-threatening occurrence.
A six year-old boy has his limits when it comes to riding on a school bus with a substitute drive and will take matters into his own hand when he reaches that limit.

Fingers really do get stuck in VCR players.
It’s better for your almost-two year-old to suck on a pacifier than a Happy Meal toy.

Ponies can climb stairs with your children on their back without breaking them (your children, that is).
Your daughter can be a ballerina AND a farm girl at the same time.

Seeing your son cross the finish line in a Cross Country meet makes you very proud and very humble.

Pet turtles have feelings, too.
Watching The Sound of Music with your pre-teens can have embarrassing after-effects.

It’s a big sister’s responsibility to start her baby sister’s milk shake up the straw—no really, it is.
Making memories with your kids is a priceless treasure.

You should never, ever, ever give up on your kids because they’re worth it.
Giving your children over to the LORD is the most important and valuable thing you will ever do for your kids.

One of the greatest joys a mom can have (and I speak from experience) is catching their children in the act of being loving, caring, and wise parents.

Happy Mother’s Day!
Momma D

                    Copyright 2015 Darla Noble. No part of this can be used or copied without permission from the author.