Thursday, April 2, 2015

A Garbage Disposal Is No Place For A Fish Or Your Kids

That moment when you have to stick your hand down the drain/garbage disposal because you drop your fish down there while cleaning its bowl...yah, I just had that moment. I sure hope Merida the fish is as brave as its namesake Disney Princess.
This was what I posted on my Facebook page a little over a week ago. That’s right—Momma D somehow let Merida the fish land in the garbage disposal instead of back into the bowl after changing the water.
I was horrified! I also immediately shoved my hand down into the drain/garbage disposal where Merida was thrashing around. Grabbing the fish with two fingers (so I wouldn’t squish it), I pulled it out and quickly dropped my little fish back into its bowl…where I just knew I would find it floating on top of the water by the end of the day.
But wait! That’s not what happened. Merida continued to swim around in the bowl as if nothing happened. Merida the fish had been to the garbage disposal and back and lived to ‘tell’ about it.
Some of the comments I received following my post on Facebook implied (not so subtly, I might add) that I should have just flipped the switch and been done—that I’d missed my chance.

I know these things were said in jest and I was not offended in the least, but I couldn’t have disagreed more. What can I say—I like Merida.

Merida’s rescue also reminded me of something very important when it comes to parenting our children: NEVER GIVE UP and NEVER LET ANYONE MAKE YOUR CHILD FEEL LIKE HE/SHE IS DISPOSABLE.
All too often, children with physical or emotional disabilities are pushed aside to make way for the ‘smart kids’ or kids who have potential (as if any child doesn’t have potential!).

Children who rebel, trap themselves in addictions, or who fall into the depths of low self-esteem and self-destruction are often labeled ‘outcasts’, ‘lost causes’,  or ‘detriments to society’.
Don’t let this happen to your child. Don’t DO this to your child.

Every child struggles now and again—some more than others. The severity of their struggles isn’t the point. What IS the point, is that they know you are there for them—ready to grab hold of them if they need help getting out of the ‘garbage disposal’ and encourage them to be the incredible, unique, and beautiful person they are.

Momma D

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