Friday, March 13, 2015

No Surprises Here

I am running a bit behind this week. If you are regular followers of the blog, you know Momma D usually ‘imparts her wisdom’ on Tuesday or Wednesday of each week. What can I say, other than it has been a busy week? Reuben is spending several days with us while Momma (Olivia) is recuperating from feeling less-than-perky. I can’t completely ‘blame’ my tardiness on Reuben, though, because I hadn’t decided for sure what I was going to write, either. But once again, God’s timing is perfect because when I checked Facebook this morning I found the following at the top of my news feed:
(I have) the three best in the world. Prayers and thoughts for Liv right now. She's in a fair amount of pain and it’s not supposed to be that way. I'm the big brother, I'm supposed to bear the burden to protect and ensure comfort and happiness in the lives of the most important women in my life. Becca Noble, Mack and Macy Noble, Liv Peters, Boo Boo Vandivert, and Emma Waggoner. I love you all.
My son, Zach, had posted this along with a picture that said “I ©my sister”.  
I can honestly say I wasn't surprised to see this. No, not even a little bit. So why did I share this with you today? To encourage young families (even families raising tweens and teens)--that's why.

Hang in there! Don’t give up hoping your children will learn to get along with one another because they will. Don’t quit hoping that someday they will appreciate each other because they will. Don’t think they don’t love each other because they do.
Continue to teach them how to share…how to extend grace…how to forgive…how to show compassion…how to love.
Continue to extend show love.
Make yours a home where family is valued and treasured because they understand that when everyone and everything else has come and gone family will still be there.
Momma D
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