Thursday, February 5, 2015

Parenting: A Life Sentance Worth Serving

As parents we sometimes find ourselves dreaming of the day when our toddlers won’t be tugging on our clothes, when we don’t have to spend so much time shuttling kids from one soccer game to another, and sleeping with one eye open waiting for them to come home on Friday and Saturday nights.

But then that day comes…the day you drive out of the college dorm parking lot or are just one of many who are blowing kisses and bubbles as they drive away to begin their married life. And as you do, you are thinking…
·         Where did the time go?
·         It seems like only yesterday that I was…
·         I wish those days hadn’t gone by quite so fast.
·         Life sure will be different now…now that they don’t need me anymore.

Take it from Momma D—the years do go by all too quickly. And it really does seem like only yesterday (or maybe last year) that I was the one making sure the tooth fairy did her job, feeling triumphant over a toddler’s ninety-three trips to the potty, getting excited over new teeth, and sending out invitations to a party that says “I’m turning 1…or 2…or 4…or 7”.
What isn’t true, however, is that once your children are grown, they won’t need you anymore. You are their mother…their father…they will ALWAYS need you.

Within the last couple of weeks, I’ve heard or read…
·         Thanks, Mom, I really needed to hear that
·         I know I’ve already called you a bunch today, but…
·         She was so brave…she let me pull that tooth right out
·         Mom, it’s so hard when they’re sick…it makes me feel so sad
·         I am so excited for Friday…I really need a mom-daughter day
·         Where’s dad? I want to talk to him, too
·         Dad and I had a great time the other day
·         Do you think Dad would mind to…?

See? I told you…your kids will always need you. When it comes to being a mom or a dad, you are signing on for life. And you know what? I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Momma D