Thursday, August 7, 2014

And then one day they decide it's okay to like and love one another

If you have more than one child, part of your day includes being a referee. Hey, it’s in the job description…or it would be…if there was a job description for being a parent.

Most of the time, you try not to laugh, roll your eyes, or just look at your kids and say, “Seriously? Are you really arguing about that?” Trust me—I’ve heard it all...
NOTE: for my kids’ sake I won’t insert names here, but they know…J

“His piece is bigger than mine.”
“I’m doing more work that you and it’s not fair.”

“You’re the baby so they always take your side.”
“She did it first.” “No, she did it first.” “I did not…you did.” “No, you did…”

“Quit touching my blanket.”
“Quit touching my seat belt.”

“She broke my doll’s leg on purpose.”
“You told me to lick my shoe.”

“It’s not fair he gets to stay up later.”

“He said The Aristocats was broken so I couldn’t watch it.”

“Get your stuff off my bed”

“Get your feet over on your side.”
"It’s your fault for telling me I had to ride my bike down the stairs.”

I would be lying if I said it was like this all the time, because it wasn’t. In fact, most of the time my kids played together really well and they always banded together when an ‘outsider’ did anything to upset them. But oh, there were times when I wondered if they would ever be able to just get along.
Can I get an AMEN? Are nodding your head and offering a silent prayer of thanks that you’re not alone in wondering if the squabbling will ever end? If so, then you are going to be delighted with a capital D to learn that the answer is yes, it does.
Elizabeth and Olivia depend on one another to care for each other’s children when John and I aren’t available. Tonight Zach’s girls are sleeping peacefully at Aunt Boo Boo, Uncle Craig and Laney’s house because they know they are loved and welcome there. When Macy was critically ill, Zach and Becca had the love and support of his sisters in whatever ways they could help. As a military wife and new mom, Emma knows she can count on her siblings to encourage her via SKYPE and phone calls.
In other words…my children don't just love one another. They actually like each other and want to be together. So don’t despair. If you feel you spend more time mediating, separating and investigating (to find out who is really telling the truth), hang in there because there IS light at the end of the tunnel—a light that will warm your heart as you watch the peace and quiet unfold.

Momma D