Friday, March 28, 2014

The Greatest Investment

I've always known it was important to encourage our children to have relationships with other Godly adults, but over the last couple of weeks I've been reminded that it's more than important. I've been reminded that these relationships are a true blessing from God.

This reminder came when each of my daughters received a special gift; a baby quilt lovingly hand-made by Ginnie.

Ginnie has been in my life since...well, since all my life. She has been and still is my dear friend and sister in Christ. She has been an example of what it is to invest yourself into the lives of people you love through Christian service in the church, on the mission field, in the public schools and at church camp. Her investments have touched my life in many ways, but none quite as special as those that have touched my children's lives as well. Ginnie...
  • Was Olivia's first Sunday school teacher; faithfully instilling the word of God in her toddler-heart.
  • Welcomed my children into her home when she hosted our lady's ministry meetings and I came with children in tow because John was on the night shift.
  • Used her gift for creativity and craftiness to provide fun craft projects for VBS.
  • Worked in the kitchen at church camp to provide food for my kids as well as the other hungry campers.
  • Prayed for my children.
  • Rejoiced with my children when they were baptized, graduated from high school, got married and as they became parents.
This brings me back to the quilts. The fact that my children have moved away from home did not diminish Ginnie's desire to continue investing in their lives. She invested her time and talent to convey her love for them and for their babies.

Making this sort of investment is something everyone should do. Even in the business of being a parent we need to take the time to invest ourselves into the lives of their friends and other young people. We need to let them know they matter 'just because' and that their needs and desires are concerning to us. We need to praise them for their accomplishments and hold them accountable when they fall. We need to mirror the heart of Jesus to them.

If you don't believe me, just ask my children. Yes, the quilts are lovely and special, but it's the reason for the quilts that matters most. So thank-you, Ginnie, Tessie, Willie and Ann, Albert and Dorothy, Charlie and Linda, Jack and Marge and several others who took the time to make an investment into the lives of our children because every smile, every word and every action helped to make them who they are today.

Now the question is...who will you invest in?


Momma D