Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Once a Mom...Always a Mom

While I was speaking to my daughter, Olivia, on the phone yesterday, my oldest daughter, Elizabeth, was trying to call me, as well. Does that make me a top contender for mom of the year? No. What it makes me is a mom.

After I finished my conversation, I redialed Elizabeth's number to hear the words-
  • Mom, can you help me?
  • I need you-can you come?
  • Laney is running a fever and needs medicine. I don't want to get her out in the cold.
Of course I said 'yes'-that I would be there as soon as I could. Of course I set aside what I was doing to go help my daughter. That's what moms do. But as I was driving across town, my thoughts were not for Elizabeth and Laney. My thoughts were much older than that...

I was thinking of all the times my Granny hurried to my side to be my extra set of hands. I was thinking of the times she snuggled Elizabeth and her siblings when they were sick the same way I would be snuggling with Laney in a few minutes. I thought about all the ways Granny taught me once-a-mom-always-a-mom just by being herself. She couldn't have stopped it if she had wanted to.

I realize that driving across town isn't always an option. Not all of my children live close enough for me to be able to do that. But there are countless ways to be that kind of mom; the kind that is always there when you are needed. Making yourself physically and emotionally accessible doesn't always require a car, but it always requires a heart filled to overflowing with the desire to be your best and do your best for your children.

I hope and pray I am that kind of once-a-mom-always-a-mom. I hope and pray that my daughters see Granny in me and that I can bless their lives the way she blessed mine.

What will you do today to let your children know the job of  MOM is one you have no intention of retiring from?


Momma D