Thursday, January 23, 2014

Hide 'em In Your Heart

You know what they say about once you learn to ride a bike you never forget how...well, the same goes for embedding the word of God in your heart. When the kids were little we used to listen to this thing called a cassette tape. It was filled with scripture verses put to music by the talented Christian music artist, Steve Green. We sang them all the time. I used them in children's church, as well; even writing an entire musical program built around those spirit-filled songs. Anyway... As the kids got older we didn't spend nearly as much time singing those songs, but whenever certain things would happen, the kids would start singing one of those songs (appropriate to the situation). That's what happened the day Olivia and a friend had a car accident. I was in the grocery store when my phone rang. It was Olivia crying and saying she and a friend had been in a car accident on the way home from a school function. She wanted me and she wanted me NOW! I cannot even begin to tell you how my heart ached at that moment, but the logistics of the situation made it impossible for me to be there right now. As I continued to talk to her...trying to calm her down while they were waiting for help to arrive, she asked me to sing the 'when I am afraid' song. The song Olivia was referring to was the song, "When I am Afraid I will Trust in You"-Psalm 56:3 put to music. We started singing it together which greatly calmed us both down until I could get to her. That simple little tune filled with words of the psalmist-giving praise and thanks to God-was 'just' a song when she was three. But twelve years later they were the words that brought her comfort and assurance that the trust she was singing about was relevant and true. The lesson here is that these little, seemingly insignificant things we do with our children aren't so insignificant. As parents it is our job to give them the tools and resources they need to grow and mature in their relationship with God right from the start; making it a part of who they are...hiding them in their hearts. Love, Momma D