Monday, September 30, 2013

Turtle Time

Laney is seven months old but there is already so much we know about her. We know she has the biggest and bluest eyes in the county. Frank Sinatra doesn't have anything on this little gal. We also know she is extremely lactose intolerant, that she is a visual learner, is attached to her blanket and her pacifier and...

that she has an intense love of animals. You heard me-at the ripe old age of seven months, Laney Beth has a way with animals. She loves them and they love her. Case in point...

While taking a hike through the woods, Laney and her mommy (my daughter) and daddy, they crossed paths with turtle. Having been raised with a menagerie of pets, herself, my daughter didn't hesitate to pick the turtle up and show it to her daughter. Nothing earth-shaking about that, I know. But here is the rest of the story...

The turtle didn't scoot inside its shell when she picked it up. The turtle, neck extended, went eye-to-eye with Laney. Laney immediately giggled and squealed and reached for the turtle. She touched its shell, it's head and then took its little foot in her hand. And still the turtle did not run and hide. In fact, my son in-law had to carefully pry her hand from the turtle's foot so she didn't hurt it by squeezing too hard. Once he did, my daughter allowed Laney to give the turtle a good-bye kiss on the shell before putting him down on the ground to be on his way.

So what's this got to do with parenting? Glad you asked.

God creates each of us with our own intricate heart, body, soul and mind. He places within each of us passions, talents and abilities which are meant to be fostered and fulfilled. As a parent, it is your responsibility to keep an eye out for your child's passions, talents and abilities; to pick up on what they are, provide outlets for their development and to encourage your children to thrive and aspire to the person God made them to be.

Sometimes we may not understand our child's passion or be able to relate to it (them) very well, but if for no other reason than L-O-V-E, you should be ready, willing and able to appreciate them.


Momma D